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Yeah, you're back!!!!! I, for one, welcome our new ant overlord...um...I mean our long-lost blogger.


After two months (exactly two months and 3 days), you're baaaaaayaack. You're back in da saddle again.

Good comment, Julie. "Deep Space Homer", right. My dad didn't get that until I told him.

Leo Sayer

Is this like one of those acoustic songwriter gigs where one songwriter tells a story...sings a song...then passes it on to the next songwriter? Now it's your turn Subdivided??? Loved the story Marathon Man...we have missed you.


Awesome. I've never been to th 9:30 Club and probably won't until the smoking ban goes into effect. Chrissie Hynde is the toughest chick in all of rock ever. She has lived a life that will kill 10 dudes. Rock on.

And welcome back. Does this mean I can finally drop Marathon Man from my blogroll?


That's funny that you mentioned smoking, yellojkt, because the two shows I've been to at the 9:30 club this summer (T-Bone Burnett and Pretenders) were No Smoking shows, apparently at the artists' request. Made for a more pleasant experience for us, bringing our kid and all, and meant I could rewear my jeans again without annoying smoke trails all week. Pity for the poor cigarette bar attendant though who didn't get any business at the show. That suggests to me it's an uncommon event to have No Smoking there...but that day will surely come. Sold out crowd of mostly old fogies made us feel rather less old, too.

I'm still a bit of loser though the way I was screaming at Chrissie Hynde...

I'll be posting here from here on out, so you can feel free to kick Marathon Man to the curb if you'd like.

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